Wednesday, May 9, 2007

10th May 2007 – Home Hill – Queensland

Home Hill welcomes the traveller. This friendly town offers a 48 hour rest area adjacent to the railway station directly behind the shopping centre. The facilities provided are excellent and include a great cooking area with tables, hot showers, and clean toilets. Although close to the railway line, the trains are not frequent and cause little disturbance. There are plenty of places that provide good reasonably priced meals within the main street shopping area which is a short walk from the rest area. The rest area sites are well shaded we recommend an overnight or two at Home Hill. A Laundromat is located in the main street.

Camps Australia Wide No 5. Site No. Q - 046
Camps Australia Wide No. 6 Site No. Q - 047
GPS: 19º39’53.1”S – 14724’49.3”E
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