Monday, May 14, 2007

10th August 2004 - Winton To Boulia, Qld.

A long lonely drive though a landscape full of colours. Cawnpoke Look Out over the Lilyvale Hills is on the road between Winton & Boulia. Located 140k East of Boulia is a great place to stay and enjoy a colourful sunset and sunrise. Further on towards Boulia, is Hamilton River rest area where there is plenty of parking and bore water. No toilet facilities are available at either location.

Not listed in Camps Australia Wide No 5 or
Camps Australia Wide No 6
GPS: 22º38'15.9"S–141º09'47.9" (Cawnpoke Lookout)
GPS: 22º46'22.0S – 140º35'51.4"E

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