Wednesday, April 20, 2011

26th April 2010 - Thornton Centenary Park - Thornton

20k South of Laidley is Thornton Centenary Park. This quiet park has a, free BBQ’s, a children’s playground and a shelter shed. This large, level, grassy area with some shade is a beautiful place to spend a few quiet nights away from the bustle of Brisbane and suburbs.
The ablution complex has a laundry with a tub and hot water, hot showers and composting toilets. A ranger from Laidley visits the site to collect fees which are very reasonable. There are no shops near the area so be prepared with food and water (water at the site is not suitable for drinking) if you consider staying here for any length of time. We think that access to the waterway would be seasonal as there were only pools during our stay.

Camps Australia Wide 5 Site No. Qld. - 612
Camps Australia Wide No. 6 Site No. Q – 612
GPS: 27º47'54.0"S – 152º22'27.0"E
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Dean Bielanowski said...

Thanks for going to the effort to post this page and photos :) Do you recall having to need to book with the ranger, or just turn up and pay when the ranger comes around?