Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30th January 2010 - Calliope River Rest Area

About 70k North of Miriam Vale or 27k South Mount Larcom and just North of the turn off to Calliope are the camping areas of North and South Calliope River. Access to the North Side Camping is reached by turning at the Calliope Museum just north of the highway bridge and following the road around to river. The South side is reached by turning off about 5k south of the Highway Bridge just north of the Calliope turnoff. Both sides provide excellent camping sites with plenty of level, shady sites. The old bridge across the river is now closed but is a popular fishing spot next to the boat ramp. No water is provided at the sites but good shopping and fresh water is available at Calliope as well as a dump point. The toilets at the camp sites are both composting and septic. There is a 48 hour time limit and being so popular, campers are requested to make way for others after the 48 hour time limit is up. We recommend this as a great place to spend a night or 2 when travelling north or south on the Bruce Highway.

Camps Australia Wide 5 Site No. Qld. 106
Camps Australia Wide No. 6 Site No. Q – 105
GPS: 23ยบ57'49.0"S - 151°09'11.0"E -
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